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Brighton - seaside city

adding flavour and footsteps to city mapping

The city's attractions are located within 'flavours' describing the character of streets and places. The outer city attractions have zippy ways of how to get to them on foot by bus or train. Nearby Lewes is included for those who want something other than the beach and bustle of Brighton and wish to delve into local history of this quintessential English town. This map has the wider expert understanding of the city while the detailed local information can be captured using the QR code on the rear cover with a smartphone delivering quicklinks. This handy pocket map uses the instant ziggurat fold so always folds-up perfectly. It is ideal for those who want to experience the city; the day visitor, city explorer and conference delegate planning a Brighton city break.

cover seen against pier look inside sheet 2 look inside sheet 2 view along the beach from the 360i

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