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what these people said about pocket Quickmaps
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The best map in the world as far London is concerned. Really lets you get a feel for the city. It has made me a much more confident traveller...and is great for avoiding tube delays and (for) the true positioning of stations. So good that I have asked where to get one by everyone that has seen it.
Moominemma UK (from Amazon)
I have been using this map for the last two and half years and it's an absolute godsend. I assure you that I don't work for these guys. Everyone have shown it to has been really impressed. A great stress buster!
tabithabunnie on London by London website
I tested it on Thurs when I was out and about for London Design Week. I think I must have walked a million miles that day. Just as I couldn't walk another step, the 'all-on-one' came to my rescue! I needed to pop on a bus...to get home and lo! the 149, as CLEARLY shown on your lovely map, whisked me off...home with feet up and cuppa in no time.
Charlotte of London SE22
'But for your brilliant little map, I'd have collapsed….'
Patricia of Barnes
'I have been using the excellent all-on-one map
for a couple of years now…'
Sue of London N16
'I have found the map to be a very concise and useful when answering passenger enquiries….'
Michael (driver) of London
'I am most impressed with it...'
Louise of London SW9
'I have been using Quickmap for buses for at least two years now. It is probably the best transportation map I've ever come across…'
Michael of London
'I wonder if you still make the above very clear and useful maps - I had to give mine away to a lost tourist and would very much like to replace it!!! '
Tim of Earls Court
'The information is beautifully presented and easy to follow. It encourages people to walk and to use buses and trains instead of the tube…'

'It's the only properly integrated transport map which shows visitors how to get about London…'
TfL travel enquiry adviser
'Your map has all means of transportation and more. I found it to be the perfect guide to help me get around!'
C Bouwmeester
'Used your map so much it wore out - very useful when visiting - it's easy to use, small, and generally very handy - well priced as well'
Thomas of Abingdon
'Both my girl-friend and I think the maps are fantastic... it makes going into town so much more fun because we can have a little game choosing buses to get home.'
Tim of North London
'My friend and I would have been lost without them, and I loved the small size which meant they could be slipped in a pocket or small bag.'
Jo of Oswestry

"to prove the merit of your bus map, I used it in anger - and it works..."
Christopher of Milverton Village

'I think it is delightful, really good!'
Ken Livingstone, former London Mayor
"I find your graphic representation of the  bus/tube amazing, useful, outstanding. It really changed the way I travel around London. I used to just stick to the tube, if I had not already gotten advice on the buses. Your maps got me back to travelling above ground and  am now able to take random journeys with confidence."
Mark K M of MIT