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research and development of uk city series
    January 2014 - October 2016
    Quickmap awarded a Knowledge Partnership Low Carbon KEEP project with Anglia Ruskin University to investigate business cases for public transport information provision over the web     January 2014
link-logo     Quickmap delivers promotional map movie for the new
A2 link bus service
connecting Bristol Airport and nearby villages
with commuter bus and rail services between
Weston Super Mare and Bristol
Commissioned by North Somerset Council
    October 2013
    Quickmap launches Glasgow all-on-one at Waterstone's in Sauchiehall Street and Paperchase Store in Buchanan Street
with press coverage in Glasgow Now, The Glasgow Herald
and Evening Times newspapers
    October 2013
    Quickmap starts development of Glasgow all-on-one
based on 'mapmate' for a fully integrated transport, walking
and attractions map for the city residents, visitors, tourists
and travel planners in employee organisations
    March 2013

    Quickmap invited by Kowloon Motor Bus Company
to submit proposals for a Hong Kong bus map
    February 2013
      Quickmap delivers
X2/X3 express bus map movie with real-time links
to promote commuter services between
Portishead and Bristol commissioned
by North Somerset Council
    February 2013
    Quickmap invited by Transport for London
to submit proposals for the application of
London's Surface Diagram to London Tube map
in order to promote walking between tube stations
    December 2012
    Quickmap invited to develop a project proposal on mobility scenarios for different city types based on city places
and make a presentation to
World Business Council for Sustainable Development
in Lisbon
    November 2012
to February 2013
      Completion of transport and walking map movie for
Trinity Leeds
city centre shopping complex for Land Securities
    October 2012
picture of x1 bus    
Quickmap delivers
X1 express bus map movie with real-time links
to help promote commuter service between
Weston Super Mare and Bristol commissioned
by North Somerset and TravelWest
  October 2012

press release
Quickmap wins prestigious Travel Information and Marketing
London Transport Award with
London's Surface Diagram
against stiff competition from London Transport,
Docklands Light Railway, Southern Railway
and TfL/Police Safe Travel Campaigns
March 2012
Eaglescliffe Station
commissioned by the Station Master
February 2012
Rotherham Borough Council
Waverley Advanced Manufacturing Park
showing simple arrival ways
March 2012
Riverbank House

Riverbank House
bus movie map for commercial tenant web site
commissioned by

January 2012

George House
George Square, Glasgow
bus movie map for commercial tenant web site
commissioned by

January 2012
pic of flower

Travel and showground map movie updated
for Royal Horticultural Society's
Hampton Court Flower Show 2011

June 2011

UK's contemporary sustainable living show at Olympia Two
selects Quickmap's 'Complete London'
for Press and visitor goodie bags

25 & 26 March 2011

pic of designing diagram book cover

Quickmap featured in international design book
Designing Diagrams
Making Information Accessible Through Design

by Jan Gauguin
published by BIS Amsterdam

March 2011

Heron Tower
bus movie map for commercial tenant web site
commissioned by

February 2011

NightFlyer Interactive Maps
for Bristol City Council
receive 'highly recommended' innovation award from
Association for Commuter Transport
National Conference Liverpool
December 2010

"... a (new) London bubblegraph map ...
worth the price for the night bus map alone"

John Bull: section editor The London Bus magazine

November 2010

London all-on-one and London by bus
2011 editions published
with clearer graphics, bike park locations and up-to-date
October 2010
syic logo South Yorkshire Instant Commuter
interactive interface
work in progress
October 2010
(from July)
pic of complete london and wallet Complete London- Map of Transport
published and licensed with Transport for London Oyster card branding

new wallet or pocket-sized map with ziggurat folding
covering all public transport out to the M25

October 2010

pic of southgate

Quickmap delivers travel and transport mapmovie
for The SouthGate Shopping Centre in Bath
to meet travel planning and retail objectives
August 2010
pic of the rock
Quickmap delivers Getting There
transport, town and shopping centre mapmovie
for the opening of The Rock in Bury Lancashire
to meet travel planning and retail objectives
July 2010
pic of campus
Quickmap delivers Carbon Crew travel and transport
mapmovie for University of East Anglia
to assist with carbon reduction targets
and promote public transport
May 2010
pic of hopsital
Quickmap delivers Getting Here mapmovie
for Norfolk County Council and
Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital
to reduce on-site visitor and staff car parking
May 2010

Quickmap exhibits at
Ricoh Arena Coventry
'The Window on Tomorrow's Low Carbon World'
March 2010

Quickmap invited to facilitate student projects
Enterprise Sustainability Day
Quintin Kynaston School
St John's Wood London
March 2010

pic of night flyer poster courtesy bristol city council

Bristol City Council
Night-flyers bus mapmovies
showing 8 city centre to city limit night time routes
for Friday and Saturday nights
January 2010

pic of LTA brochure

London Borough Bus Planner is short-listed for
London Transport Awards 2010
in the travel information and marketing category
December 2009
pic of colour cross reference system
Quickmap publishes 2010 London maps
using new colour spot cross referencing system
October 2009

Union Square Aberdeen
nteractive location and travel mapmovie
for Vicinitee and Applied Intelligent Buildings
goes live on website and kiosks

October 2009

pic of eco-design logo
courtesy eco-Ecodesign

Quickmap participates in eco-design fair
Truman's Brewery
Brick Lane, London
June 2009

pic of act travelwise logo
courtesy ACT

Quickmap becomes Member of
Association for Commuter Transport
and attends Station Travel Plans Conference
at Essex University in Southend
June 2009
pic of guide cover International Students House
A-Z Guide to London 09/10

'London tube and walk' map
May 2009
pic of national geographic store National Geographic Store
Quickmaps selected for flagship store
in London's Regent Street
May 2009
pic of oxfam sign Oxfam
Quickmap donates surplus maps to
Central London Oxfam Bookshops
March 2009

Quickmap launches two new maps in the all-on-one series
All London Borough Bus Planner
All London Night Travel Planner
February 2009

pic of company logo

Warrington Borough Transport and Education Department
Getting To Schools
transport information campaign strategy for schools
February 2008
> Rotherham Borough Council
Wickersley, Thrybergh and Rawmarsh
bus, cycle and walk mapmovies
campaign to encourage healthy living
February 2008
pic of nft london guide
courtesy NFT publications
Not For Tourists Inc of New York
chooses Quickmap's London by bus map
for the launch of its first European city guide
NFT London 2009
December 2008


Design Registration
The Quickmap mapping system


October 2008

pic of skira cover
courtesy Skira

The Skira Yearbook of World Architecture
published in Milan selects Quickmap's
All London Travel Planner
as one innovative design project taken from
leading architectural and design publications
around the world
November 2008
pic of vienna tram
IIID Infoconnectivity Conference
Vienna Austria
Quickmap participates in Expert Forum
Intertwined Information for Interconnected Transport Networks
at International Institute for Information Design
September 2008

pic of cabot circus roof
courtesy bbc.co.uk

Bristol Cabot Circus  
journey planner mapmovie commissioned by vicintee.com
 goes live on Cabot Circus website
Quickmap website
September 2008
pic of john lewis frontage
Leicester Highcross
journey planner mapmovie commissioned by vicinitee.com
also on public information kiosks
Quickmap website
September 2008
Carnival Notting Hill 2008
carnival mapmovie features on official media sponsor
ITVLocal website and also myvillage.co.uk and BBC London websites and many others

August 2008
Bank Holiday

Meadowhall Shopping Centre
travel mapmovie commissioned by travel planning team goes live

Meadowhall website
Quickmap website
July 2008

courtesy Venuturefest

VentureFest 2008 10th Anniversary
Quickmap participates in Oxford Trust's
Technology Showcase at Unipart House in Oxford
July 2008

pic of brixton ecofair

Lambeth Change Day
Quickmap participates in the Brixton outdoor eco-fair
organised by London Borough of Lambeth
June 2008

pic of rotherham interchange

'Travel to Work' interlinked mapmovies
for three employment centres for
Rotherham Borough Council
Rotherham website
Quickmap website
May 2008

panorama of wetland centre

'How to Find Us' mapmovie for London Wetland Centre
Wetland Centre website
Quickmap website
April 2008

pic of meeting

Quickmap welcomes members of the
Charles Close Society
to Luton for an afternoon of presentations and discussion
January 2008
pic of blueprint magazine cover
Blueprint magazine (Feb issue)
 features 'All London Travel Planner' in
Opening Shot of new year publication
nick-named 'London's Third Map'
January 2008

Time Out, London
'All London Travel Planner'
"a new (map) has entered my life....!"
Peter Watts
November 2007
pic of hackney poster for out & about transport exhibition
'All London Travel Planner'
features in Out and About in Hackney transport exhibition
at the Hackney Museum
November 2007

Time Out, London
'All London Travel Planner'
"a stellar offering...(and) a thing of intricate beauty."
November 2007

Quickmap Mobile
launches London rail termini bus mapmovies
November 2007
new product
Quickmap publishes
'All London Travel Planner'

London's integrated public transport map out to the M25
October 2007
Quickmap's Carnival 07 MapMovie
reached very wide audience and featured on myVillage websites, BBC London and Local ITV websites, Borough of Kensington & Chelsea and many other London websites
Aug 2007
Bank Holiday
London MapMovies Quickmap delivers bus MapMovies for
Thomas More Square and
The Portman Estate
for vicinitee.com
June & Aug 2007
Wembley National Stadium
Ltd launches
 How to Get to Wembley
with Quickmap MapMovies
April 2007

Quickmap receives high commendation award in the
 'travel information and marketing' category at the
 London Transport Awards

Top award went to TfL for the integration of Journey Planner
 with Open House and RA Rodin websites
April 2007
travel MapMovie Quickmap delivers MapMovie for
Oxford-Knowledge Co Ltd
April 2007
journey planner

Quickmap develops DLR journey planner
MapMovie for SS Robin steamship
moored in West India Quay, Canary Wharf
January 2007
new product new tube and walk map published
and London by Bus and all-on-one maps reprinted
January 2007
Quickmap takes part in auction of business services
 of The Oxford Trust at Science Oxford
January 2007

Quickmap presents research paper:
London AboveGround : Coming up for air
Royal Geographical Society (RGS-IBG) International Conference London
September 2006
workshops Quickmap participates in two workshops:
Arts in Town Centres and Manual for Streets research project
July 2006
town centre
Quickmap develops Kingston upon Thames
town centre and transport mapmovie
to promote shopping, leisure facilities and easy access
June-Aug 2006
business park
vicinitee.com commissions transport and site mapmovie for
Green Park, Reading
July 2006
newspaper insert Quickmap completes 'Summer Days Out' poster and newspaper insert
for First Glasgow summer campaign (400,000 print run)
July 2006
exhibition Quickmap invited to participate in the University of East London's
first Green Awareness Day at the Docklands Campus
May 2006
metro and
walk maps
Publisher London-Info licences walk and metro maps for London's
Russian Yellow Pages 2006
April 2006
MapMovie Quickmap completes local bus mapMovie for Rotherham Borough Council for its 'Making Trax' travel to work campaign April 2006

Staff columnist Carol Pucci in her article for The Seattle Times finds the London all-on-one map to be one of the handiest maps in times of increased security and service disruptions

February 2006
project office Quickmap Research moves to
The Hat Factory
65-67 Bute Street, Luton
February 2006
Glasgow mapmate First commissions March 2006 (9th edition) of mapmate
Glasgow's bus network pocket guide
February 2006
MapMovie vicinitee.com commissions bus MapMovie for the Gherkin
30 St Mary Axe, London
January 2006
Glasgow mapmate First commissions October 2005 edition of mapmate
Glasgow's bus network pocket guide
October 2005
free Quickmaps
Two thousand maps
 supplied free to Facility Managers and staff at BBC Broadcasting House, Canary Wharf, Centrepoint, Channel Five, Euston Tower etc for immediate period of transport disruption
July/August 2005
free downloads Special area on Quickmap website to help London travellers with free map downloads, free postage on any maps ordered via the web 7 July 2005
Glasgow mapmate First commissions April 2005 edition of mapmate Glasgow's bus network pocket guide April 2005
MapMovie Wembley Stadium and York House MapMovie commissioned by WNSL goes live April 2005
town guide Quickmap is commissioned to design town and transport guide for Bedford April 2005
all-on-one Quickmap publishes 5th edition of all-on-one pocket map February 2005
research award Quickmap completes Smart Award Project October 2004
launch Quickmap launches City Quickmap and County Quickmap partnership programme at PTS2004 September 2004
carnival Quickmap MapMovie features on many websites and breaks last year's record with 27K hits over weekend August 2004
STEP Quickmap participates in Shell Technology Enterprise Programme run by University of Luton and Cranfield University August 2004
licensed maps Mobile phone company O2 chooses quickmaps for 2.6 million pocket guides for international business visitors to London July 2004
stadium strategy Quickmap commissioned to develop Transport Information Strategy for Wembley National Stadium Ltd Jan/April 2004
project office Quickmap opens project office at The Luton and Dunstable Innovation Centre, The Spires, Luton March 2004
webmap E-CrossNet commissions location and European maps for website and publications March 2004

research award

Quickmap awarded Smart Award research grant to semi-automate production of transport maps January 2004
feature Quickmap features in Size Matters by Lakshimi Bhaskaran published by RotoVision on the effective handling of large amounts of information
Jan 2004
shortlisted Chester-le-Track website with quickmap interactive rail network diagram shortlisted for Interchange Conference information award November 2003
feature Quickmap features in International Information Design Source Book published by Graphic-Sha, Tokyo and Institute for Information Design, Japan
November 2003
 mini-movies Bus Industry Awards Ltd uses Quickmap's Hilton transport mapmovie to get delegates to the event at the hotel and a special mapmovie series to introduce the awards themselves
November 2003
students Quickmap publishes London Students' Quickmap on request of the Mayor's office
October 2003
on sale 'All-on-one' and 'London by bus' guides go on sale at Transport for London's Travel Information Centres
October 2003
exhibition Quickmap exhibits at Passenger Transport Solutions conference and exhibition at NEC Birmingham
September 2003
carnival Quickmap launches route mapmovie for Notting Hill Carnival 2003 August 2003
travel plan guide The Oracle Corporation publishes Quickmap's Green Routes amenity and transport guide and maps for Thames Valley Park, Reading
August 2003
feature International Cartographic Society annual report
summer 2003
mapmovies Royal Horticultural Society launches Quickmap event mapmovie to help visitors reach and explore the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show
July 2003
transport guide Hampshire County Council commissions Quickmap to design city and rural bus maps, timetables and personal journey planners
January 2003
Glasgow mapmate First launches 4th edition mapmate Glasgow's and large-scale city centre and bus network posters at Central Station
May 2003
exhibition Quickmap exhibits at Passenger Transport Solutions conference and exhibition at Kensington Town Hall conference centre, London
October 2002
nomination MapMate, designed by Quickmap, forms part of First Glasgow's product nomination for a Bus Industry Award for marketing on 19 November 2002 at the London Hilton
October 2002
membership Quickmap becomes a member of Transport Direct's Real Time Information Group 'suppliers' working group
July 2002
exhibition Quickmap invited to exhibit at TRIDENT international transport information seminar
June 2002
Glasgow mapmate

First launches 3rd editon mapmate Glasgow's new city centre and regional bus network map designed by Quickmap

May 2002
feature Graphics International reports TfL isn't alone in looking for new ways to map the city. 'Quickmap is a small independent cartography firm making waves...' suggests Jonathan Bell February 2002


Tube Society invites Quickmap to present its 'London metro' diagram at a seminar on 'New Designs for Old Maps'

August 2001


Carnival office and DRD Technology appoint Quickmap for for Official Notting Hill Carnival 2001 webmap

July 2001


Crusaid appoints Quickmap for route mapmovie for 'Walk for Life' website

June 2001


Quickmap publishes 'all-on-one' map for Londoners and 'standard' map for visitors

May 2001

bus mapmovie

Ken Livingstone, London Mayor, launches Regent's Place travel plan and John Ritblat of British Land draws attention to '...innovative the bus mapmovie (9Mb jmpg)...' on its travel web site

April 2001


'Mapping out the bus routes...'
by John Harrison of Daily Telegraph

'Is this the tube map for the 21st century...?'
full page spread by Mark Benham of Evening Standard

January 2000


November 1999

radio feature

Veronica Hicks tells Steve Jones on LBC's Breakfast Show how she discovered buses and the new British Library thanks to Quickmap

July 1999


Ken Livingstone MP launches Quickmap's first product London by Bus

July 1999


'Pocket map claims to make sense of life in the bus lane...' by Marin Delgado of Evening Standard

June 1999

Quickmap, a micro-publisher of printed pocketmaps and animated map movies
 Quickmap Limited   
Hat Factory 65-67 Bute Street Luton LU1 2EY 020 7813 3397
Reg Office 1C Headlands Kettering NN15 7ER