London tube and walk
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When short of time and you want to see most of the central area, we recommend you go underground and pop up from time to time to explore the immediate surroundings. With greater confidence, start walking between adjacent tube stations and then go further afield using landmark buildings to give you a new direction. Nothing could be simpler when using London's simplest and most straight-forward maps. London is a city for walking and strolling if you have time. The maps highlight many places worth visiting especially flagship stores along Regent Street, Oxford Street, Knightsbridge and Covent Garden without taking you too far from a Tube station. If you walk along the riverside between Westminster and Tower Hill Tube stations via Southwark's Borough Market, you'll see London and its skyline in a nutshell. You won't get lost and the Tube will follow you all the way. Then take London's best and straightest 'green walk' between Westminster Tube station at Parliament Square to Notting Hill Tube station via St James's Park, Green Park, Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens to complete the bigger picture. And don't forget your Quickmap!

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a simplified view of the roads covering the busy central area

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