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The London Bus Map is a visual travel planner for buses. It complements useful text based apps like the official Transport-for-London (TfL) Plan-a-journey and semi-visual TfL Go app.

The bus network is complex and past bus maps have concentrated on detailed areas or have squeezed information onto a road map. This London Bus Map is a unique refocusing on to what the bus network does best, that of adapting routes over time to match where people want to go. It is no surprise that the majority of destinations are local place centers as well as interchanges with trains, tubes and coaches. This map is built around these place centers across the whole of London creating a compact diagram.

No official Transport-for-London bus route network map is now published, however the focus has switched to useful route lines and bus-stop detail with real time information, see an official Transport-for-London (TfL) London Bus sample page.

This map is no sit-at-a-computer creation but actively experienced by traveling the whole of the network in the course of working. Even then the place based structure only came apparent after on reflection.

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Greater London Bus Map - traditional format bus maps.

London bus spider maps - local detail maps using bus lines

Some science behind why some of us like visual material.

We each have individual learning and interaction preferences ranging across Visual, Read/Write, Auditory and Touch. For instance, car SatNavs work successfully mainly via visual, and auditory interactions. Today there is a mass of digital data generated every second to do with buses and trains. The difficulty is to distill this into our individual preferences. Data is dispensed into complex reading material on the internet. Many users still prefer to inspect a visual option. The London Bus Map brings back the 'visual' for those who love exploring networks.

For further reading, a US company has developed a complete learning system around the concept of learning styles under the acronym “VARK” describing four modalities of student learning that were described in a 1992 study by Neil D. Fleming and Coleen E. Mills. Read more on their website: VARK - Visual, Aural, Read/write, and Kinesthetic sensory modalities.


The London Bus magazine - incredible detail from enthusiasts.

London Bus Routes - buses do actually run to timetables, see them here.

TfL bus changes - functional notices.

Live London Bus Routes - live position of buses on individual route maps by Matthew Somerville.

TfL consultations - have your say about proposed network changes.

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Mapping London - a mirad of wonderfully useful maps.


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